Magic scripts for photoshop

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Photoshop Script Image Processing – Batch Edit - How to Make Similar Edits to Photos Automatically

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50 Free Time-Saving Photoshop Actions

Sorry, this item is not available in your location. Sold out, please go back and pick another option. You've purchased this product Give it a rating. You will get 10 awesome scripts.Add Powder Your Nose for targeted skin smoothing and you have the perfect combination. These tools will help you enhance the beautiful faces of all your subjects. Best skin actions!!

I use Magic Skin on almost every picture. Great retouching set I purchased this set about 2 years ago for Elements 9 and love it!! You can combine the different layers to eliminate different casts easily! Takes the guess work out of it!!! I considered purchasing Portraiture before I purchased Magic Skin. Now that I have Magic Skin I have no need for portraiture!! The actions work that well!!

My favorite for adults is Magic Skin and for newborns my go to is Magic Powder. Thank you MCP, for these fantastic actions!

Save your money Not sure why everyone raves about this action. Learn to use the features in Elements and you will be much better off. That is not to say there is not some value in this action. It is simply not worth spending money for.

magic scripts for photoshop

My results are far more professional looking using Photoshop, as opposed to Magic Skin. I feel like going back through all my old photos and re-editing! Absolute Must Have I bought this action set a month or so ago and use it all the time. It is absolutely amazing!! Trust me you will!! It is especially good on newborns and babies, but great on anyone. Review byThis is a great action. I love it. I am in love with it already.Becky Kilimnik July 23, This Photoshop masking tutorial will turn you into a pro in no time.

The Photoshop Magic Wand Tool is a quick and easy way to select and mask certain portions of an image, giving you the ability to alter one part of your image while leaving other parts intact. One of the most common uses of this tool is to swap out or remove the background of a product photoleaving the subject of the image in place.

magic scripts for photoshop

The Magic Wand Tool works by selecting an area of solid color within an image. Once your selection is made, the Magic Wand Tool gives you multiple options for refining that selection.

The Magic Wand Tool is a go-to tool when you want to display a product in various settings by showing it against different backgrounds, or when you want to remove a background altogether so your product stands on its own. This is often the case for marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, which have product photo requirements of their own that outline the approved backgrounds your images can have.

Make sure the Background layer is highlighted. You will be given the option to give your duplicated layer a custom name.

magic scripts for photoshop

Once you have the Magic Wand Too l selected, you can adjust several parameters within the tool to control how much or how little is selected at a time. There are two ways to use the Magic Wand Tool to select the subject of an image: select the background and select the subject.

The method you use will depend on whether or not the background of your image is mostly one color. If the background of an image is a solid color or almost a solid color, you can use the Magic Wand Tool to select the background, and then inverse the selection. If your background is multiple colors, you can select the subject of your image instead of the background. Photoshop CC18 has an option called Select Subject.

This intuitive feature figures out and selects the subject of your photo, no matter how complex it is. If you are using an older version of Photoshop, you can still use the Magic Wand Tool to select your subject if your background is complex but the subject is mostly one color. You would follow the same steps in Method 1 to select the subject.

At the top of the application window, next to the Select Subject button, you will see a button called Select and Mask … Click on this button.

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Your window will be replaced by a screen that has a series of global controls on the right and spot-adjustment tools on the left. Click this and make sure On Layers Y is selected. You now can see your subject isolated without any background at all.

Dragging the Smooth slider to the right will smooth out any rough edges on your selection. To use, click on the tool and paint over areas of your selection that still need refinement.Photoshop is a great way to handle image editing and creation and for designers is an invaluable tool, but many times some of us would love to make this software even more efficient — and we actually can thanks to Filters and Actions, which Photoshop offers support for.

On top of that, although many do not know of them, Photoshop also offers support for other custom tools called Scripts. They are similar to Actions, but they allow users to make conditional decisions during processing, instead of just repeating a series of steps like Actions do.

Users can actually achieve more by using Scripts than by using Actions, because the earlier have access to the whole set of Photoshop functionality. You might not be aware of it, but you might already make use of certain Scripts, such as the one that allows users to convert an entire folder filled with images from one format to another, resize images and adding meta data.

Many of us often have to go through the same set of actions all over again when starting a new project. So this Script will help you create grids automatically when creating new documents. It is as simple as adding specific keywords at the end of the document name and voila, there they are! With Postcards you can create and edit email templates online without any coding skills! Includes more than components to help you create custom emails templates faster than ever before.

How many times you encountered a situation where you need to know the exact distance between two elements in pixels, but it is impossible to do with Photoshop? Well, those times are over. With this Script that you can download for free your Photoshop will generate lines, arrows and labels for measuring on screen dimensions.

If you are just like me, with either suffering from OCD or hating details not to be in their place, this Script will help you fall in love with Photoshop. Renaming several layers at the same time is impossible to do unless you have a Script and this is exactly what this one does. It might not come in handy for everybody, but for some, renaming 30 layers at the same time will spare at least a couple of minutes of frustrating work. In many cases you create designs and want to showcase them as they are browsed from a real computer, on a real browser.

This Script will allow you to do exactly that. By running it, your canvases will be wrapped into Safari browser windows automatically — and on top of that, the window is also flat, so modern and beautiful.

Resizing borders is a difficult task in Photoshop — unless you get one of the Scripts like this one, which will allow you to independently resize each corner of a rectangle within a matter of seconds. With this Script you will also be able to edit multiple layers at once and view the pixel size of the radii of an existing rounded rectangle, which is extremely difficult to do with Photoshop.

With Startup App and Slides App you can build unlimited websites using the online website editor which includes ready-made designed and coded elements, templates and themes. Often we find ourselves needing to showcase an iPhone app mock-up, but we always need to go on Google and find an image of the actual device, import it in Photoshop, adjust it, and only then you can add your mock-up on it.

If you get this Script, you will be able to generate lots of devices in a matter of seconds. This simple Script does little, but you will realize how much it actually can help when you will need to separate groups of pixels to their own layers. This Script does exactly that quickly and efficient. Working with Smart Objects in Photoshop is not something beginners do.

But for the people using them, extending these Smart Objects seems to be a huge task and this Script seems to do that for all of them quickly and without asking too many questions. You should know that this Script only works with Smart Objects created in Photoshop and not in Illustrator.

I often wanted to export separate layers from my PSD files into images, but this process is most of the time very painful if done with the help of Photoshop only. By using this Script you will be able to select a layer, run the script and then that layer will instantly be saved and all the others will be hidden.

The 15 best free Photoshop Scripts

It works quickly and does its job in style. On top of that, you can add your own methods so you can ensure that the best variation is among the standard ones.

With all the examples above we round off a list of great free Photoshop Scripts that some of you will definitely find useful at some point in time. Remember that these Scripts can help automation and will make you more efficient, because they will cut a lot of time off your work spent with useless processes.

Christian Vasile is an enthusiastic Romanian web designer currently living in Denmark. You can follow him on Twitter at christianvasile or visit his web portfolio at christianvasile. Designmodo offers advanced drag and drop website and email builders for web designers and developers, we have everything you need to make money. Collection of Useful and Free Photoshop Scripts. Table of Contents hide.See How The Magic Works. Masked Elements. Sports Elements. Epic Hollywood Location Sets. Collections For The Holidays.

While these videos will most likely answer your most of common questions, please inform Richard, our Director of Tech Support and Customer Service at: richard layercakeelements. No other company we are aware of offers this level of personalized, expert, service.

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For advanced users and working professionals, it will save time and money by greatly accelerating their visual effects workflow. These three functions of StudioMagic I are the foundational tools need to ready your subjects for compositing. StudioMagic II includes the following five major compositing toolsets for enhancing your images or working with StudioMagic virtual sets:. StudioMagic II Company: LayerCake, Inc. Lost Password? Create Account.

No products in the cart. CutOut can cut out and replace skies or remove subjects from backgrounds in seconds, even with detailed edges or flying hair.

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ShadowCaster is the logical extension of CutOut. It easily creates an accurate shadow so your subject is believable and anchored in its new scene. LightBrush takes flat-looking images and adds focus and drama by painting with light which is really just a layer mask. If you make a mistake, just click a key, and paint back the light you removed. StudioMagic II includes the following five major compositing toolsets for enhancing your images or working with StudioMagic virtual sets: Enviro turns a summer landscape into a snowy blizzard, creates a drenching rainstorm, or fills a field with thick morning fog.Most designers and photographers spend many hours in Photoshop, whether it be for designing or editing photos.

In your client projects, you may receive photos that need to be touched up, or you may be a photographer yourself. Photoshop actions are useful for quickly completing repetitive tasks, like performing the same steps to achieve a specific type of photo effect.

There are countless actions available that can be purchased or downloaded for free, but finding the best quality free actions can take quite some time. With that in mind, this post showcases 50 different actions and action sets that are available for free.

With these actions in your arsenal, you will be able to save time while editing photos, and you also will not need to scour the web to find quality free actions.

Browse through this collection, find the ones that suit your needs, and try them with your own photos. Photoshop actions will help you transform your photos into works of art and save you time during your editing workflow. They will also help you achieve a consistent look easily instead of trying to remember all the adjustments and filters you used.

Turn your colorized photos to black and white and then apply a subtle vintage effect. The action works with Photoshop as well as Lightroom. This action adds a vintage retro animated look and feel to your photos. It can also be applied to videos and includes 24 different colors which are applied non-destructively.

As the name suggests, this free Photoshop action is perfect for landscape photos that you want to style to appear vintage. Apply the faded look similar to Instagram filters with this collection 75 retro and film effects for Adobe Photoshop. Actions are easy to use and customize.

This pack of Photoshop actions contains 10 different actions that will make your photos appear more retro and vintage. The actions mimic Instagram filters. This Photoshop action makes use of various brushes, filters, and effects to create a vintage art look.

It works well with action photos and supports Photoshop CS3 and higher. This collection of Photoshop actions will make any photo appear aged and give it that old-time look and feel.

Includes several colorized effects and a subtle light leak effect. Apply a nice vintage look to your photos with the help of Photoshop and this beautiful set of Photoshop actions.

The actions work with Photoshop CC versions. Wedding photographers rejoice as this free Photoshop action will allow you to add a vintage effect to your wedding photos. The collection comes with a total of 15 individual actions. With this collection of Photoshop actions, you will be able to quickly generate vintage, lomo, and retro effects and apply them to your photos.

Try this Photoshop action if you want to apply an old-film look to your photos. The action supports Photoshop CC and Lightroom 4 and higher versions. This pack of 10 Photoshop actions will turn any photo into a vintage-looking photograph. The pack supports non-destructive editing.

This Photoshop action, called Warm Cinema, will give a warm and cinematic look to your photos. A part of a larger collection, this action speeds up your workflow considerably. Try this Photoshop action if you want your photos to have a cinematic look and feel. This collection is perfect for bloggers, wedding, and portrait photographers.You can find the Gimp Plugin registry here.

This site contains scripts and plugins.

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Plugins increase the fuctionality of Gimp somehow like the ability to support RAW filesand scripts are like Photoshop actions — ways to manipulate the photos you are editing. On the right hand side is a Keyword search. Want to add a watermark to all your photos? Search for Watermark. Want to make a vintage-looking photo?

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Search for vintage. Note: Scripts as opposed to plugins. To install a script, first you need to figure out where they go on your computer. Once you find the script you want to install on the registry site, after the description, there should be an Attachment section — usually this will be a.

These are python scripts and you need to have python configurated in Gimp, which requires some downloads.

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A full tutorial on how to do that can be found here. If Gimp was closed when you put the script in the folder location, it should just show up the next time you start up Gimp. It can be hard to find out where exactly the script went, though. Sometimes the author of the script will tell you in the description on the registry site, but not always.

They will typically show up either in the Filters menu or the Script-Fu menu. It contains a lot of scripts that are probably more appropriate for graphics design than photo editing, but they do have an entire section of Photo editing scripts including lomo, cross-processed and vintage film.

I also like the Urban Acid script which looks like this:. Finally, I really like the split-tone script found here. While the first step of this script converts any color image into black-and-white, I like to create a duplicate layer of my color images before running this script so that I still have the color, and then make the black-and-white layer invisible for a different effect.

Running it with the default settings, though, gives you this:. About the Author : Jennifer Jacobs is an amateur photographer who runs iffles.

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